About Us
We’re a customer driven team
with heart of curious craftspeople

In 2016, our founder, the only sales person at that time, found herself in a flood of repetitive
work. To bring focus back to her creative work, the team built a software to automate sales and
marketing. This is the beginning of our story.

Then our co-founder Yang, who's a full-stack engineer, delivering machine learning architecture for enterprise, joined us. Later Mike hopped in from Taiwan, where he previously was working as a hardware engineer at TSMC.

As we sailed in our journey, we found that many people had the same issues about marketing and sales.

Since then, we have been learning and growing with our customers, iterating every inch of software for the better future we share with our customers.

We are an engineer-oriented company who have experience in launching successful softwares from ground up and running it to achieve millions of users. The key concept our team shares is that we are customer-driven; the best in the field to craft the finest experience for our customers.

Crafter by the numbers

Happy Customers
We have provided marketing automation support for many companies over last 10 years, from large companies with tens of thousands of people to upstart startups.
ChatBook is supported by various stakeholders such as social media partners, CRM / MA providers, development partners, advertising agencies, and production companies.
Yearly Updates
We work with our product champions (customer and partners) to gather feedback, ideas and suggestions. This makes our roadmap dynamic and agile, resulting in a product our customers love.
Our people

Our world-class team

Maiko Kojima
Fei Yang
Michal Stach
Full stack engineer
Rikiji Maki
Board Member
Akiko Omori
Board Member
Atsushi Mandai
Board Member

Company Profile

Company name
Crafter Co. Ltd.
1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo 107-6025
Started On
September 2016
Maiko Kojima
Maki Rikiji  Executive Director Monex Group

Atsushi Mandai         Manager Monex Group
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Akiko Omori              Finance Monex Group
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